The Future of FileMaker – FMDiSC Meeting Oct 2022

FMDiSC The Future of FileMaker

On invitation of the American developer colleagues of FMDiSC (FileMaker Developers in Southern California) the opportunity arose to present the lecture “The Future of FileMaker” once again.

The presentation covers the development of the FileMaker platform over the past 30 years, classifies the respective stages with regard to the general requirements in the IT world and breaks down how the new Claris platform currently presents itself technically in detail. It also provides answers to open questions regarding the many new marketing buzzwords and the basic concept behind the new platform strategy.

It also looks at our situation as FileMaker developers with an assessment of what challenges we are facing in the coming years.

The presentation was already part of the German-speaking FileMaker conference in Hamburg in June this year. After Claris officially announced the new products in September and also further technical details of the new Claris platform are available in the meantime, the talk could be updated in some points. In addition, I have added a section to evaluate Claris’ announcements from a developer’s point of view and explain my assessment in this regard.

Last but not least, there is a preview of a wishful future with a few ideas with which the potential of the Claris platform could be further exploited.

Thanks to the colleagues from FMDiSC for the opportunity to shed some more light on the topic!

The new version of the talk is in English, the recording is available on Youtube at the following link:


Following the talk, there was an FMDiSC discussion panel on the new Claris platform, with further assessments of the current situation and an outlook on what we can expect in the coming years.

Chris Moyer, Richard Carlton, Todd Geist, Beverly Voth and Vince Menanno shared their views and brought further momentum to the discussion.

The second part of the meeting is also available as a recording on Youtube:


The meeting was completed by the presentation of a survey by David Knight. This is aimed at us developers and is basically structured in such a way that all essential and also critical points regarding the future of the platform are queried in order to get an overall picture of our assessment as developers. All in all, this makes a very well thought-out and positive impression! So to speak, a constructively built feedback from us developers to Claris.

The explanations of the survey can also be seen in the second part of the Youtube video, starting at minute 71 – just follow this link:

The link to the survey will be published soon and an active participation of all FileMaker developers is explicitly desired!

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