Integrating DuckDB

Integrating DuckDB with Node.js as a REST API for FileMaker

…with Node.js as a REST API for FileMaker

Please find attached Slides and Demo-Files from my presentation at dot.fmp conference in Berlin.

DuckDB is a rising newcomer on the block. It has a small footprint, is blazingly fast and runs on all platforms. With its extended SQL commands, it goes beyond other database engines and offers an interesting feature set. Optimized for storage in columns, it offers a comprehensive toolset for fast data analysis. With its ability to read data from multiple sources – even directly from cloud storage – it can be used as an ETL tool.

We have a quick look at DuckDB and examine how to integrate it’s power into FileMaker solutions. As an additional benefit you learn how to use node.js to create a simple REST API that is instantly accessible with just a few lines of FileMaker script.

The presentation slides are available for download here:
dotfmp Presentation – Integrating DuckDB (PDF 2,1 MB)

Demo files (FileMaker and node.js) are available for download here: (PDF 29,8 MB)

Further reading:
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