Claris Platform Update – The Bottom Line

FMDiSC Claris Platform Update

The latest news update from Claris has made some noise. Now that the dust has settled a little, it is time to look at the various aspects of a major transition that has now been going on for more than 4 years.

Let’s take a look back at the major adjustments in the Claris strategy and why they were necessary. We provide answers to the latest developments and put them in a broader perspective.

How Claris has managed to clarify its strategy for the entire platform. We examine which issues have been resolved and where action is still needed.

At the invitation of the colleagues from FMDiSC, I was able to give another presentation, picking up where last year’s presentation ended.

Claris Platform Update – The Bottom Line
FMDiSC October Meeting 2023

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FMDiSC October Meeting 2022

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