Claris in dialogue

Claris Dialogue

There is something going on in the communication of Claris. In the meantime, new version updates for FileMaker have been shown and further innovations have been announced. While the past months were characterized by hopes and fears, confidence is now returning with regard to the future of the Claris platform.

Highlights of the past weeks were:

  • The Claris Product Team Webinar at the beginning of November
  • The Claris sessions at the engageU conference in Malmö
  • The Claris Partner exclusive webinar in early December
  • The release of FileMaker version 19.6
  • New announcements about Claris Connect (Custom Connectors!)
  • The announcement of the freemium version for the new Claris platform
  • The technical tutorials in the “Claris Engineering Blog” (refer link)
  • The blog post by Robert Holsey in the Claris Forum (refer link)
  • Q&A with Andrew LeCates at FMDiSC December Meeting (refer link)
  • New in 2023: Claris Update Webinar – Jan 25 (refer link)

The message from Claris is now clear: “We’re on it! We are building the future! Be patient!”. It was also reiterated once again that FileMaker will continue to evolve as a product and nothing will be broken. On the contrary, all improvements should benefit the entire platform. And wherever there are still gaps in “Claris Pro” in terms of functionality or technical features compared to FileMaker, which stand in the way of a migration, these should be fixed as soon as possible.

OK, Claris – we heard you!
Thank you for your efforts!

So we can be curious about the novelties in the upcoming year…


Images: Claris, @JorisAarts, @dotfmp

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