FileMaker and Node-Red – An alternative to Claris Connect?

This is the 1st part of my presentation from dot.fmp 2021 that was held on 3rd of June at the virtual conference via Zoom.

You will find the presentation slides as well as some files for download with a QuickStart Guide for Node-Red and the sample file that was shown during the presentation.

A video recording of the full presentation (80 minutes) can be found on the conference YouTube channel soon.

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dot.fmp21 presentation – FileMaker and Node-Red (PDF 18 MB)
Download QuickStart Guide + Sample-File (ZIP 18 MB)
YouTube: Video of session recording

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We do not only take a deep look into Node-Red in comparision to Claris Connect. You will also learn about the basic concepts in building Flows and get some starting points for your own projects.

Node-Red vs. Claris Connect, what is the common ground? Where are the differences?
We learn about the advantages of a mature open source platform.
We build some basic flows.
We deploy an own WEB-API in 3 simple Steps.
We take a look at the Node-Red FileMaker Plugin and learn about the possibilities.

Your takeaways:
Quick-Start demo for your own Node-Red adventure.
Basic reference with starting points for installation, deployment, learning materials.
Some ideas of the broad scenarios and huge possibilities in Hardware-Integration, IoT, WEB-APIs, FileMaker-Integration, access to Cloud-Services.

Sneak Peak:
Don’t miss the second Node-Red session tomorrow!
We will build a live Dashboard for FileMaker Server on the foundation of Node-Red.

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  1. Hi Marcel, I am a bit of a noob still, but believe I would love to try Node-RED for Filemaker. Do you know if it also works if apps are hosted in the Claris Filemaker Cloud or can I then only use Claris Connect? Thanks for all the info I have gotten from you so far already and thanks in advance in case you are kind enough to answer this question, Gijs

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