dot.fmp 2021 virtual conference

dotfmp 2021

The 2021 conference has taken place from 2nd – 5th of June as a virtual event via Zoom.

In the ninth year of its existence this was second time that dotfmp has had been held as a virtual event due to corona pandemic. And this time the whole setup has been far more mature because the learnings from last year have helped to bring more professionalism and technical skill to the whole setup.

Not only has the dotfmp been a vital meetup point for the European and worldwide FileMaker community again. This time it has taken the lead for providing a virtual gathering while all other FileMaker conferences that had been announced for 2021 had been canceled. Even Claris itself did not made it to provide a real conference format this year, what has been raised some disappointment. One reason more to check in at dotfmp which also many US American FileMaker developers did to align with their European colleagues.

With 186 participants from 22 countries the conference had been far bigger than in the previous years. But thanks to the good preparation, Egbert as a host managed to provide a welcoming atmosphere and an rich experience during the 3 days of the event.

An interesting lineup of presentations in two tracks per day had topics for every taste. After the lectures there was a virtual beergarden on every evening to meet and talk to each other.

dotfmp virtual FileMaker conference did not only provide a seemless Zoom experience but also had back chanels for chat and some internal systems to connect moderators, presenters, attendies and the backoffice before, during and after the conference.

All presentations have been recorded and a selection of the topics will be available on the conference YouTube channel shortly. In addition there are many of the slides and sample files available for download on the dotfmp website.

We can only say “THANK YOU” to Egbert and his team and all other supporters that made it possible to share this experience for the members of the FileMaker community.

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